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What Steals Your Freedom? Consumerism.

When the United States just originated, it was common for poor European immigrants to sign indentured servitude contracts. These contracts were sold by captains of ships and would state that in exchange for passage to the new world, the immigrant agreed to work a set number of years once they arrived in the new world. […]

Split Teams Don’t Have To Give You A Splitting Headache

Working on a team that’s split between two or more locations can pose many challenges and can be made worse when management doesn’t recognize the inherent problems introduced. Split teams aren’t simply one team in two locations; they are essentially two teams with different work cultures that happen to have the same goal.

Niche sites are out. Niche-authority sites are in.

In the last week I’ve learned more about niche site building, nullified some theories and refined others. The net result is that I’ve decided to switch from a ‘niche site’ building strategy to one of ‘niche-authority site’ building. This shift not only makes sense because of my personal sensibilities, but I think it makes sense […]